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Goat Farming Business Plan - Hobby Farms

Date: 2017-04-05 19:55

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66. Marketing -: Another factor to give consideration to is the marketing aspect of your poultry business. You have to find a way to reach your customers and this would be done by employing the right marketing techniques. Therefore, before you start a poultry business, you should really consider the marketing strategies which you would use to break into the market.

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I came to raising chicken very late in life (age 75) but felt compelled to do so nevertheless. I been studying permaculture and use the chickens in the fall to clean up and fertilize my garden.

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Thanks so much to both of you. I am hoping it helps out - I wanted to write about things I wish I had been able to find when we were building our coop.


Like with any business, you should regularly reassess and reevaluate to see if things are still working. Did your marketing plan work or does it need to be retooled? Do you want to raise more birds next time or fewer? Did you find on-farm processing to work well, or will you hire out that job next time?

[ ] is a free range chicken, really, or should be at least. Read more about it. That is how I want my chicken. Share this: [ ]

Your 68 things learned have really helped me in the planning stages of my upcoming chicken coop project.

Thank you for sharing.

Rabbits are big business.  A rabbit farming business can be a very lucrative business for the savvy entrepreneur who has a talent in animal husbandry and farming.   This type of business can be tailored to the owner’s specific needs or wants for the business.  There are several industries that rabbit farms will be able to bring in a good profit from.  Starting a rabbit farming business does not require too much seed money to startup as many other businesses do, but it does need knowledge of the animals, how best to raise and board them, and which businesses to market.

In this section of your business plan, take inventory of what you have right now. Where are you located? How many acres of land are you farming? When did you begin farming? How are you currently operating? What general practices do you use for such things as conservation, tillage, environmental impact, and marketing?

Hi I 8767 m in Namibia and want to start quail farming. I 8767 m know the basics but I would like to know the legal requirements and can you please tell me where I can get chicks from? I don 8767 t know of any local farmers in Namibia.

thanx so much for your advice on business planning on quail farming. You 8767 ve helped me a lot, I 8767 m 77 588 want to start it too but my major concern or challenge is the Market although many are suggesting that the demand is high on websites, I 8767 m not sure! at the same time not sure between fertile 588 normal eggs which are best to put in Nairobi. If u help me I 8767 ll appreciate, thanx

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