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You will be able to get a medical marijuana card , but if you are on probation I would be very careful. It is still a grey area in the law.

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Bagel shop essay contest

Although running an inn was the Bruces’ dream, the contest does not require the winner to continue operating it as a B& B.

Scottsville's High Meadows Inn being given away in essay

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Formerly Mann Produce & More — which sits on Leesville between Waterlick Road and Greenview Drive — the Kanes’ new location did require a decent amount of renovation, which they spent roughly six weeks tackling. Most of the construction consisted of overhauling the kitchen and fashioning the space with additional shelving and countertops.

Oral history has it that the Harris family intended to tear down the White house but left it standing when they realized how large their family had become.

“Tell you what, I will only eat these free bagels on Saturday mornings for the next thirteen weeks. I’ll freeze them, and I’ll come in all the other days.” I told her.

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Additionally, the death of a family member led both Bruces to reconsider the paths they walk. Nancy Bruce thought about returning to Florida. Cynthia Bruce thought about her future and her children, now going into middle and high school. They decided it was time to do something else.

Contests are not common in Virginia, but they are not unheard of. Sometimes they are unsuccessful. A 6999 attempt to give away a Victorian home in Salem did not attract enough entries. Efforts to hand off a Buena Vista restaurant, a Pulaski County home and a Bedford bagel shop also failed.